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United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka
U.S Fleet Activities in Yokosuka
Back in the days US Fleet 1952 in Yokosuka
U.S Fleet Activities (2) in Yokosuka

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Tomaricho Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan

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United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka. United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka (横須賀海軍施設Yokosuka kaigunshisetsu) or Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka (司令官艦隊活動横須賀Shirei-kan kantai katsudō Yokosuka) is a United States Navy base in YokosukaJapan.


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Short but Sweet
Our stay in Yokosuka was short. If I recall correctly, it was more of an extended vacation. We got there end of May in 2016 and left in mid-June of 2017.

I must say, it was one of the bigger bases our family has been stationed in. Due to the unavailability of units on-base housing in Main Base, we lived off-base. As a retired military and now a DoD civilian, we don't get first dibs with on-base housing. There is another housing community in Yokosuka called Ikego. I have not been there and so, I could not make any assessment. I have heard both pros and cons of living there. Ikego was not favorable for our family location-wise (about 20-25 minutes from Main Base), but due to us not being on active duty anymore, we actually have the option to choose to live off-base. The place we found was about a 5-minute drive to the base. Since we only had one vehicle at that time, I sometimes walk to the base. It takes about 20-25 minutes to get to the front gate. I must say, walking was one of the many things I enjoyed doing while stationed there.

If you have not been stationed in Japan, please keep in mind that in the event of non-availability of units on-base housing, you will need to live off-base. With that said, you need to prepare at least 6-months worth of your pay to cover your expenses affront. Off-base housing requires a deposit, a month's advance, and then the first month's rent. Please talk to your command sponsor, PSD, or FFSC for guidance on where to get assistance if required. A lot of these things will also be discussed during INDOC or Orientation upon your arrival. Make sure you attend as there is a wealth of information you can gain from it.

One thing I would say is if you get lucky enough to be in one of the towers at the "center" of the base, you may not need a vehicle. A big Commissary, huge NEX, Chapel, Fitness Center, Community Resource Center, Elementary/Middle & High School, a huge field, etc.... are all smacked adjacent to each other. If you aren't as lucky, buses run on schedule too to take you where you need to be around the base.

CDC is in huge demand and so, spaces are limited. to mitigate this, there is a program on the base where one can get certification to operate Child Care in their home. The process can be difficult, but there are a few who have been approved and certified when we were there.

If your family enjoys the hustle and bustle of a busy city (or base for that matter), Yokosuka is the right fit for you. Not only that, with the availability of cabs, buses, trains, and bullet trains, you can visit any place you are interested in visiting in Japan. The base itself offers a lot of services and a variety of events, however, there are so many things to immerse in too if you venture out off-base. Yokohama and Tokyo are frequented by a lot of people as they are only a few train stops from Yokosuka. Among the frequently seen happenings off the base are festivals (others can last days), onsens, "temple runs", Mt. Fuji climbing, and many more. MWR and ITT can be your "best buddies" if you are not too keen on exploring on your own. They offer various cultural and exciting trips throughout the year.

Our family was so busy with so many events, both on and off-base that our time in Yokosuka seemed like a blur. The year just went by so fast! The memories, however, will always be clear in our hearts and minds. Leaving Yokosuka was heartbreaking (to me) and if we ever get the chance, we wouldn't mind going back.
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