Steelworker (United States Navy)

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Rating Badge SW.jpg
Rating insignia
Issued by: United States Navy
Type Enlisted rating
Abbreviation SW
Specialty Construction

A United States Navy Steelworker welding a seam

Steelworker (abbreviated as SW) is a United States Navy occupational rating.

Steelworkers perform tasks directly related to fabrication and erection of pre-engineered structures, including steel reinforcement; control job site deployment of materials and equipment; direct and coordinate the composition, training and efforts of crews who fabricate, assemble, erect, position and join structural members and fabricated sections; maintain individual combat readiness and perform tasks required in combat and disaster preparedness or recovery operations.[1]

At the Master Chief Petty Officer level, Steelworker merges with the Builder and Engineering Aide ratings. At this level, they are referred to as a Master Chief Constructionman (CUCM).

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