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South Dog Park - Fort Campbell

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Bastogne Avenue, Fort Campbell North, Montgomery County, Tennessee, 42223, United States of America

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+1 (270)956-1006
Operating Hours
Monday Closed Tuesday Closed Wednesday Closed Thursday Closed Friday Closed Saturday Closed Sunday Closed


More and more people are realizing a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for their pets as well as themselves. We applaud owners for wanting a healthier lifestyle for their pets physically and emotionally. Dog parks allow owners to exercise, socialize, and strengthen the bond between owner and dog in a controlled environment. However, it is very important for owners to exercise proper dog park etiquette. Following Dog Park rules will help you and your pet have the best experience possible.

Dog Park Rules and Regulations

1. Owners are responsible for their dog and any injuries caused by their dog. 2. Dogs must be at least 4 months of age to enter. 3. Dog must wear current rabies and identification tags at all times. 4. Always dispose of your dog’s waste in the trash receptacles. Accumulation of dog waste on the ground may prompt closure of the park. 5. Dogs must be leashed before entering and leaving the fenced area. 6. Dogs in heat are prohibited. 7. Dogs without supervision are prohibited. 8. Dog food, human food or glass containers are prohibited. 9. Children under 10 are not allowed in the park. Children must be supervised at all times. 10. Dogs prohibited from utilizing the park: Aggressive or potentially aggressive breeds of dogs. These dogs are defined as Pit Bulls (American Staffordshire Bull Terriers or English Staffordshire Bull Terriers), Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Chows, and wolf hybrids. 11. Dogs exhibiting any of the following types of behavior will be required to exit the park immediately. A propensity for dominant or aggressive behavior as indicated by any of the following types of conduct may result in suspension from the park:

a) Unprovoked barking, growling, or snarling at people approaching. b) Biting or scratching people. c) Escaping confinement or restriction to chase people.

Tips for a Successful Visit!

  • If your dog is not accustomed to interacting with other dogs, start out by visiting the park during non-peak  times.
  • Maintain awareness of the activity going on around you as distracted dogs may not look where they are  going.

Puppy Playtime

  • Puppy playtime (4 months and under) is offered in the Small Dog area at the South dog park from 8a.m.-10a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Recommend puppies are current on vaccinations.
  • In the event of an emergency or animal control issue please call the military police desk at +1 (270)798-7111.
  • Please contact Sports, Fitness & Aquatics at +1 (270)798-1006 or +1 (270)798-3094 for additional information.

North Dog Park

Morgan Road Fort Campbell 42223

+1 (270)956-1006

Monday - Sunday - Closed


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