Rota Spain Passenger Terminal

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Rota Spain Passenger Terminal

Geographical Address

Public Address
Lugar Base Naval, 0 S/N 11520 Rota Cádiz Spain, 11520 Base Naval, Cádiz

AMC Terminal Information

Phone Number
VOICE (34) 956-822-411 FAX (34) 956-821-1734 RECORDING (34)956-822-171

¡Hola! Bienvenido a Rota, España. The Air Terminal is a U.S. Navy operated AMC Terminal. Whether you are stationed in the area or just passing through, Air Terminal personnel are here to assist you with your AMC travel needs. Please understand that our passenger Agents have no control over the amount of “Space Available” seats or aircraft departure schedules. Both seats and times are subject to last minute changes. We will make every effort to ensure travel opportunities are posted and provide you with a clean, comfortable Terminal while you are waiting for your flight.


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