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Rental Venues and Event Planning-Fort Benning

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Geographical Address

Duty Station (or best approximation)
Public Address
Fort Benning, Cusseta-Chattahoochee County, Chattahoochee County, Georgia, 31905, United States of America
Postal Code

Contact Info

+1(706) 687-1861 or +1(706) 325-9490.
Operating Hours
Monday 8:00am-5:00pm Tuesday 8:00am-5:00pm Wednesday 8:00am-5:00pm Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm Friday 8:00am-5:00pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Federal Holidays Closed Second Wed. of each month Closed

We offer a great variety of rental options for your next event. Whether you're hosting an FRG meeting, a unit function, shower, hail and farewell, formal ball, party or reception, reunion, or a wedding - you name it, we've got the perfect spot for you!

For help planning an event or for information about our catering and lodging options, call our MWR event planner at +1(706) 687-1861 or +1(706) 325-9490.

As space and schedules allow, the following venues offer meeting and activity space at no cost to MWR patrons: Patch Hall (ACS), MWR Library, Parks and Ponds, Harmony Church Recreation Center, and Survivor Outreach Services.

The following venues offer meeting space at a cost: Bowling & Entertainment Center, Benning Club, Mall Bowling Center, Infantry Bar, Golf Course Pavilion, Sand Hill Recreation Center, Sand Hill Clubhouse, Uchee Creek Campground & Marina, Destin Army Recreation Area, Wetherby Field, Roz's Cafe & Catering Banquet Room, and the El Zapata Banquet Room.

The following venues offer meeting space at a cost

Location Event Area Type Capacity  Number
Patch Hall, ACS

Building 7, 7117Baltzell Avenue

 Auditorium  50+  +1(706) 545-4043
Infantry Bar

Building 2784, 7611 Sightseeing Road
 Lounge  75+  +1(706) 545-8426
Benning Club

Building 128, 7010 Morrison Avenue
Multiple rooms available to rent
 Normandy Room
 Benning Room
 Corregidor Room
 Lexington Room
 Regimental Room
 Supper Club
1+(706) 545-0935,
1+(706) 545-1588
Breezeway Complex

Bldg 117, 7190 Muir Street
 Patio/Pool  +1(706) 545-1687
Bowling & Entertainment Center

Building 2785, 6530 Eckel Avenue
 Party Rooms  50  +1(706) 545-4272
Golf Course

Buidling 390, 7471 Baltzell Avenue
Two options available
 Jack's 19th Hole Club House
 +1(706) 687-1940
Harmony Church Rec Center

Buidling 4203, 6986 Old Cusseta Highway
50 (child capacity 20)
 +1(706) 626-1265
Mall Bowling Center

Building 9232, 8140 Marne Road
 Lounge  30  +1(706)682-7781
Pavilions at Parks and Ponds  Kings Pond

 Twilight Pond
 Russ Park (large)
 Russ Park (small) 
Blue Field
 +1(706) 545-7978
+1(706) 545-7978
+1(706) 545-7978
+1(706) 545-7978
+1(706) 545-0522
Sand Hill Recreation Center

Building 3308, 5300 41st Infantyr Regiment Street
100  (child capacity 15)
 +1(706) 544-9161
Uchee Creek Campground and Marina

7 Uchee Creek Road
Multiple options available
 Activity  Center


 +1(706) 545-2063


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