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Privately Owned Firearm Range - Fort Campbell

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Restricted Bullet in Kentucky, Fort Campbell
POF Open for Authorize Users Banner in Kentucky, Fort Campbell
Firearm Training in Kentucky, Fort Campbell

Installation Listings

Installation Listing Category

Geographical Address

Duty Station (or best approximation)
Public Address
Market Garden Road, Range 16 B00016 Fort Campbell 42223

Contact Info

+1 (270)412-7939 | +1 (270)412-4015
Operating Hours
Monday Closed Tuesday Closed Wednesday Closed Thursday Closed Friday Closed Saturday 9:00am-3:00pm Sunday 9:00am-3:00pm *DONSAs/ Federal Holidays 9:00am-3:00pm Excludes Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Yea
The Privately Owned Firearm Range is open for all authorized users.
We are utilizing appropriate social distancing and sanitizing procedures as well as limiting the number of patrons. Patrons must wear a mask when inside office areas.
Limited rental equipment will be available.

All forms of payment accepted.

Types of Ranges

Three (3) Lanes of eight (8) Pop-Up Targets ranging from 7 to 30 yards.

Seven (7) Sniper Lanes of Iron Maiden Targets ranging from 218 to 800 yards.

Five (5) Concrete Bays, 75 yards long.

Eighteen (18) Sand/Fox Holes with Target Frames at 25 yards.  (Range 15 overflow)

Range Fees

EFFECTIVE 01 May 2019

Range Fees Active Duty Retired Military DoD/Civilian
Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Daily Rate $7 $8 $10
Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun 5 Visit Punch Pass $30 $35 $45
Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun 10 Visit Punch Pass $60 $70 $90
Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun 25 Visit Punch Pass $145 $170 $220
Firearm Rental $10 $10 $10
Steel Target Rental 2 Hours Steel Target Rental All Day Safety Classes
$15 $25 $4

Range Regulations

Fort Campbell MWR Privately Owned Firearms Range


1.      All new Privately Owned Firearm (POF) patrons on Range 16 must receive a safety brief and range brief given by the Range Safety Officer (RSO).

2.      Shooters will keep firearms pointed up and downrange at all times.

3.      All firearms will be fired at an angle of 10 degrees or less.

4.      Shooters will not go beyond the firing line for the purpose of firing.

5.      Shooters are not allowed to fire outside of the right and left limit markers. (Markers are set at 275 yards and 550 yards.)

6.      All shooters will fire from the designated firing line on each range.

7.      Shooting Bays:  Shooters will only move down range 50 meters with coach following.

8.      All shooters will go downrange together to check targets.  If a person elects not to go downrange, he/she will then clear their weapon and place it on the stand/sand bag and step back away from the firing line until everyone has returned.  Do not pick up weapon until all shooters are back from downrange.

9.      All shooters using Range 16 will pick up their brass, ammo and trash before leaving (scrounging of brass is strictly forbidden).

10.  Spectators are not authorized within 10 feet of shooters and/or firing line.

11.  No alcohol is allowed anywhere on the range.

12.  Smoking is only authorized in designated areas.

13.  Any flagrant violations of safety or the rules, will result in a shooter being asked to leave.

14.  The operation of Fort Campbell MWR Privately Owned Firearms Range is a business. There will be no selling of guns, ammo and/or shooting supplies except by MWR staff.

Printable PDF

Weapons Registration

All personnel (including but not limited to Active Duty, Retired, National Guard, and Reserve military and their Family members; Department of Defense employees and their Family members; and Civilians who are not affiliated with Fort Campbell) who desire to maintain, frequently use, or transport a privately owned weapon on this installation will register the weapon(s) with DES.

Registration of the weapon does not replace or relieve individuals of their responsibility to comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding possession, purchase, sale, transfer, and transport of weapons.

All firearms brought onto the installation will be registered with the DES, VISITOR CONTROL CENTER (VCC). Weapons to be registered are NOT TO be brought to the T.C. Freeman (Gate 4) or Gate 7 Visitor Control Centers or Building 94C (Town Center). Only the form bill of sale or other documentation indicating the make, model, and serial number is necessary.

Firearms Registration Form - Printable PDF  (Print, Complete and Submit)

(Note: Firearms will not be transported inside the VCC building.)

Please address all questions regarding weapon registration at +1 (270)798-5047">+1 (270)798-5047.

Weapons Transportation

All firearms must be declared upon entry onto Fort Campbell and Weapons Registration Permit verified when entering the access control point (gate).

If you are declaring a firearm at the point of entry, all personnel will pull directly to the guard booth for processing.

All firearms must be unloaded and properly stored. Privately owned firearms carried in vehicle will be secured in the trunk. For vehicles without a trunk, firearms will be encased in a container.

Carrying concealed personal firearms on Fort Campbell is strictly prohibited. State concealed weapons permits are not recognized or honored on the installation.

Please address all questions regarding weapon transportation at +1 (270)798-5047">+1 (270)798-5047.

Restricted Caliber Information

Up to .300 Winchester Magnum Allowed FC-POF-Up-to-.300-Winchester-Magnum-Allowed-rdc.jpg
.338 Lapua Magnum Restricted FC-.338-Lapua-Magnum-Restricted-rdc.jpg
M855A1 Restricted FC-M855A1-Restricted-rdc.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Civilians use Range 16?

Yes, as long as you pass inspection through the Fort Campbell T.C. Freeman Visitor Center located at Gate 4 you can use the range. You will need to provide a Driver's License, Vehicle Registration, and Proof of Insurance. If you're bringing weapons, fill out the Weapon Registration Form located under the Range Information tab. Address any further questions about post access to the Visitor Center (270)798-5047.

Does POF @ Range 16 rent guns?

Yes, we offer a small variety of pistols and rifles listed under the Gun Rentals tab. We have doubles of most in case you want to compete against your friend.

Can I bring my child to the range?

Yes, but they have to be age nine (9) and up to be allowed on the firing line and must watch the safety video like everyone else. Ages eight (8) and below are not allowed on the firing line or allowed to fire any guns at this range.

Are full automatic weapons allowed?


Can I bring my own targets/frames?

Yes. Clean up after yourself.

Are shotguns allowed?

Yes, but you can only shoot at your own targets and frames. Check with the Range Safety Officer prior to using a shotgun.

Gun Rentals

Description Caliber
Beretta 92 FS 9mm
DPMS AR-15 5.56/.223
DPMS AR-15 (Carry Handle) 5.56/.223
Glock 22 Gen4 .40 S&W
Rock Island 1911 Standard .45 ACP
Ruger 357 GP100 .357 MAG
Ruger 357 SP101 .357 MAG
Ruger MK III (Heavy) .22 LR
Ruger MK III (Slim) .22 LR
Savage MK II G Bolt 20.75" .22 LR
Springfield M1A .308 (7.62x51mm)



Description Price UOM
Powerade $1.75 Each
Water, 20 $1.75 Each


Description Price UOM
223 Ammo (5.56mm) $7.25 Box
22 LR Ammo $5.25 Box
30-06 Ammo $27 Box
40 S&W Ammo $16 Box
308 Ammo (7.62x51mm) $22 Box
38 Special $20.50 Box
45 ACP Ammo $19 Box
380 Ammo $16 Box
30-30 Ammo $17.50 Box
9mm Ammo $11.50 Box
7.62x39mm Ammo $12 Box
270 Ammo $21.50 Box
357 MAG Ammo $25 Box
7.62x54r Ammo $12.50 Box
243 Ammo $19.50 Box
357 SIG Ammo $35 Box
12ga 3" Turkey $11 Box
12ga 2 3/4 Turkey $9 Box
12ga Slugs $4 Box

Shooting Accessories

Description Price UOM
Rem-Oil $2.50 Each
Outers Gun Oil $2.50 Each
Ear Muffs $35 Each
Safety Glasses $6 Each
Brush $5 Each
Bore Brush $2 Each
Bore Snake $15 Each
Pistol Kit $15 Each
Glock Mag $20 Each
Glock Disassembly $6 Each


Description Price UOM
7" Hi Vis Targets $1 Each
12" Hi Vis Targets $1.50 Each
Specialty Targets $1 Each
Bullseye Targets $1 Each

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