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Your Personal Financial Management Specialist at Personal & Professional Development is here to help you and your family members (active duty, retired, DoD and NAF Civilian Personnel) learn more about basic financial management skills and to help you improve your level of Financial Fitness through personalized budgeting, goal setting, savings, investing, use of credit and debt, planning for major purchases, preparing for major financial challenges, risk coverage, tax planning, and retirement planning.

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Blended Retirement System • Blended Retirement Information

Budgeting Class Teaches the principles of how to build an effective budget. Participants are asked to bring their most recent Leave Earning Statement (LES) and last 30 days’ worth of checking accounts so they can begin building their budget in class.

Car Buying 1.5 hour class teaches about the four separate stages of car buying and has a special segment on negotiating. This class is perfect for everyone, from first time car buyers to someone on their third or fourth car purchase.

Credit and Debt Management Focuses on credit reports and scores and the best practices to build them. It also covers how to effectively tackle the debt you may already have in the most constructive and cost efficient way.

Command Financial Specialist (CFS) Training Open to E6 and above, this class is offered to meet the MCO 1700.37 mandate that units have one CFS for every 75 Marines by 11 December 2017. CFS training will provide candidates with the information, tools, and skills to offer budget counseling, debt management and credit score information, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) education, and adult-learner instructional techniques.

Holiday Spending Will help you with your holiday spending plan. This class highlights the challenges shoppers face and the true cost of the holidays including: feeding people, decorating, gift wrap, postage, gifts, travel, office parties, etc. The holidays always seem to put a hole in people’s budget and this class is intended to provide participants with the knowledge and an effective plan to keep their budget level.

Personal Finance Basics Teaches all the basic information about personal finance for military families. It covers reading an Leave Earning Statement (LES), effective budget, credit and debt management, and Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) information. This class is perfect for those who want to take charge of their finances and want the information to grow their own financial standing. Participants are provided a workbook to take home to start their financial journey.

Stock Market and Investing Will help those who are looking for investing outside of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and are ready to venture into the world of investing and want to have the information necessary to try it on their own or have a basic understanding before seeing a financial advisor. We will cover the different asset classes, how the market works, and long-term goal planning.

TSP, IRA, 401(k) Plans Will educate participants on the differences between employer-sponsored plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and how to effectively use them to increase your retirement savings and net worth. The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) will have the main focus and we will go over the individual funds available to choose from and how to decide which one(s) are right for you.


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