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Paintball - Fort Campbell

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MWR Paintball in Kentucky, Fort Campbell
Paintball Game in Kentucky, Fort Campbell
Paintball Field in Kentucky, Fort Campbell

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BLDG 6644, Jordan Springs Rd, Clarksville, TN 37042, United States

Contact Info

+1 (270)956-3118
Operating Hours
Closed until further notice.

Our work requires that we are frequently out of the office.  Please leave a message.  Voicemails are promptly returned once we are back in the office.

Fort Campbell Outdoor Recreation Brochure (.pdf)

Safety Regulations and Procedures

Fort Campbell MWR Paintball


1.   New players must make themselves known to facility personnel for orientation on safety and field procedures.

2.   All players and observers must wear protective face masks inside a field of play. If you experience problems with your face mask, call for a referee.

3.   Use of barrel sleeves are required when a player is not in a field of play. Plugs are not allowed. Absolutely no discharging of markers in the gravel area for any reason, to include dry fire.

4.   No alcoholic beverages are allowed. Anyone noticeably intoxicated will not be allowed to play.

5.   No excessive profanity is allowed.

6.   No violent physical contact of any kind.

7.   No going out of bounds then re-entering the playing field. If you step out of bounds you are out of the game. No shooting over or through boundaries.

8.   Do not pick up spilled ammo.

9.   Do not shoot anyone closer than 6 feet. Call out “safety kill” or give them the chance to surrender.

10.   Do not shoot the referees. Do not argue with the referees or any other player. If there is a problem, bring it off the field to a manager.

11.   Any wildlife encountered is to be left alone.

12.   Any flagrant violations of safety or the rules will be cause for a player being asked to leave.

13.   If you miss the safety briefing you will not be allowed to play until the next briefing.

14.   The operation of Fort Campbell MWR paintball is a business. There will be no selling of paintball markers, supplies, and/or air except by MWR staff.

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Sergeant's Time Training

Simulate the battlefield experience on Outdoor Recreation’s Paintball field. Take your troops out for the unique, hands-on learning experience of moving under direct fire, quick decision making, and forming field combat strategy. Sergeant's Time Training is scheduled during weekdays with at least one week's advance notice. Call now to schedule your training.

Rental Package

Includes field fee, paintball gun/marker, one HPA tank with unlimited fills, barrel sock, mask, and 500 rounds of paint.

Rates Individual Groups of 5-14 Groups of 15 and up $45 per person $40 per person $35 per person
Field Fee Includes All Day Air (All Day applies to only ONE tank per person) $20 per tank/person
Paintballs Prices vary based on quantity and brand. $15-$60
Week day events and groups are field paint only. 

All air-soft players are invited to use the paint ball fields for Air-soft games Saturday, and Sunday during normal hours of operation, Air-soft and paintball players rotate fields to ensure they are not on the same field at the same time.

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