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NB San Diego Deployment Support

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NBSD Deployment support

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Bldgs. 259, 263, & 271 3005 Corbina Alley San Diego, CA 92136-5518

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Mon-Fri: 0730-1630 | Sat-Sun: CLOSED

FFSC is here to support commands, Sailors, and families with every element of deployment support. The following programs are available by request, and can be brought to commands or Family Readiness Groups/family events. Individual sessions are available to talk about the secrets to prepare or thrive during deployment and homecoming periods, practical and emotional secrets. Additionally, IA Deployment Consultants provide relative information and referral services, supporting the unique needs of the Individual Augmentee (IA) Sailor and their families throughout the IA deployment process. Call (619) 556-7404 to speak to an FFSC Deployment Consultant or IA Deployment Consultant today!

  • Pre-Deployment Readiness Briefs
  • Thriving during Deployment Workshops for Family Groups
  • Command Return & Reunion Program for Returning Deployers
  • Homecoming Workshop for Family Groups
  • Departure and/or Homecoming Day FFSC Resource Tables
  • Command Individual Augmentee Coordinator (CIAC) Support
  • Consultations for Individual Augmentees (IAs) & Families
  • Mobilization & De-Mobilization Briefs for Reserve Personnel
  • Operational Stress Control Training
  • IA Family Connection Events - Family meet for conversation, support, information and resources unique to the IA deployment process. Light refreshments and crafts for children are available.

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Not where I want to go back
Everyone has a preference. I have one. Our family has been stationed in places too (some less desirable to others) where they turned out how we made them be. However, San Diego is one of the very few (actually, the only one we've been to), that I cringe at the thought of going back. I am sure a lot of people don't share this feeling. Now, my assessment might be outdated as we were stationed there from 2004 until 2006.

Because we are stateside, there wasn't a lot of reasons to venture on-base. At times we had to be there, I dreaded the traffic and the majority of people are rude. The only service we used there was PSD -- for IDs, LES, and official passports.

In our first year, we had to live in an apartment as we were on the waitlist for military housing. Finally got a unit in Murphy Canyon after a year. At that time, the housing was not on PPV yet, but talks were underway. The community and neighbors' experience was great, but dealing with folks working at the housing office was a different ballgame.

San Diego and its neighboring areas have good things to offer. We did venture out and enjoyed a couple of places. Coronado is great! Sadly, what's stuck with me even after all these years, is how horrible driving in San Diego is. Every good memory I've ever had is jaded with terrible driving and rude people.

Bottom line, if you don't mind and can overlook bad traffic, horrible drivers, and rude people, you might enjoy what San Diego has to offer --- beautiful beaches, consistent weather, and temperature, wineries, and authentic Mexican food (love them!).
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