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Naval Postgraduate School is one of the accredited institutions owned and run by the United States Navy. The university is based on research studies exclusively. It was established in Monterey, right on the western side of California. It is one of the most prestigious universities on the American West Coast. At the same time, its location is excellent for the wide variety of military bases operated by the US Navy in this state. The university deals with any postgraduate degree a student might be interested in, such as doctoral, engineer’s or master’s degrees. Once a student gets over the doctoral status, the university gives the most eminent students the chance to take research operations on-site and work inside. A high percentage of the students attending this institution implies active military personnel. However, the university is open to anyone who is interested in such a course. The civilians are free to give it a shot too. Aside from the US Navy, the Air Force is the only military branch in the country that benefits from such an institution – the Institute of Technology. Soon after the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) commission, these two institutions were asked to avoid overlapping each other in courses and lessons. This means they share their students every once in a while.


The history of Naval Postgraduate School began at the beginning of the 20-th century, on June, 9-th, 1909. The US Navy set up a school in Maryland. Three years later, the school was renamed and adopted a multitude of different courses and lessons, only to prepare as many students as possible in as many varied fields as necessary. The school didn’t really play a major role throughout this war.

However, World War II came with a few changes. The schooling lesson in the US Navy was entirely restructured. In 1945, the authorities decided to raise a new and complete institution that was supposed to be fully accredited. This is how Naval Postgraduate School showed up. Hotel Del Monte from Monterey, California, seemed to be the most appropriate place to host this new school. There were a few dozen places running for this spot. The authorities purchased the hotel and about 2.5 square kilometers of land.

During the early ’50s, Naval Postgraduate School was forced to move around the country. The campus was also established in Monterey. These days, there are dozens of different programs students can choose from, including physics, meteorology, oceanography, operations research, computer science, international relationships, mathematics, and so on. The institution was responsible for helping thousands of aspirants graduate. It is the institution that turned a lot of graduates into some of the finest and most professional experts in the United States Navy.


In order to join Naval Postgraduate School, the aspirants must apply on-site. Since many of the students are active military troops, reaching all the classes seems like an impossible task. This is why the university decided to adapt to the latest trends and provide online schooling as well.


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