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Naval Air Facility Atsugi

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5 Chome-14-11 Yanagibashi Yamato-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan

Naval Air Facility Atsugi (厚木海軍飛行場 Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjō?) (IATA: NJA, ICAO: RJTA) is a naval air base located in the cities of Yamato and Ayase in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is the largest United States Navy air base in the Pacific Ocean and houses the squadrons of Carrier Air Wing 5, which deploys with the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73). Service members stationed at Atsugi also work in conjunction with the Kamiseya Naval Radio Receiving Facility.

CVW-5 shares the base with the Headquarters Fleet Air Force and Fleet Air Wing 4, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. NAF Atsugi is also home to Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 51 (HSM-51), which provides detachments of SH-60B LAMPS Mk III helicopters and MH-60R helicopters to forward deployed U.S. Navy guided missile cruisers, guided missile destroyers and frigates homeported at nearby Naval Base Yokosuka.


Major Units

Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-4246 DSN: 315-264-4246 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3346 DSN FAX: 315-264-3346

Carrier Air Wing 5 (CAG-5) Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3251 DSN: 315-264-3251 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3252 DSN FAX: 315-264-3252

Home of the Nation's only "9-11" Air Wing. The Wing consists of the following forward deployed squadrons: VFA-27 VFA-102 VFA 115 VFA-195 VAQ-141 VAW-115 VRC-30 Det 5 HSC-12 HSM 77 HSM 51


Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 115 Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3295 DSN: 315-264-3295 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3395 DSN FAX: 315-264-3395

Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-4861 DSN: 315-264-4861 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3218 DSN FAX: 315-264-3218


Command Fleet Air Forward (CFAF) Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3170 DSN: 315-264-3170 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3347 DSN FAX: 315-264-3347

Defense Contract Management Agency Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3517 DSN: 315-264-3517 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3505 DSN FAX: 315-264-3505

Electronic Attack Squadron 141 Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-4501 DSN: 315-264-4501 CELL: 090-7205-6412 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3727 DSN FAX: 315-264-3727


Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 30 Det 5 (VRC 30) Contact information: Officer in Charge COM: 011-81-467-63-3369 DSN: 315-264-3369 COM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3375 DSN FAX: 315-264-3375 Website:

FRCWP (Fleet Readiness Center Western Pacific) Contact Information: COM: 01181-467-63-2752 DSN: 315-264-2752 COM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3134 DSN Fax: 315-264-3134

Helicopter Maritime Strike FIVE ONE Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3975 DSN: 315-264-3975 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3319 DSN FAX: 315-264-3319

Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron SEVEN SEVEN Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3949 DSN: 315-264-3949

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWELVE Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-2988 DSN: 315-264-2988

Naval Air Technical Data and Engineering Service Command Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3246 DSN: 315-264-3246 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3245 DSN FAX: 315-264-3515

Naval Pacific Naval Aviation Forecast Detachment Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-4346 DSN: 315-264-4346 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3497 DSN FAX: 315-264-3497

NMCEAD (Naval Munition Command East Asia Division Detachment Yokosuka Atsugi Annex) Contact Information: COM: 01181-467-63-3771 DSN: 315-264-4771 COM FAX: 011-81-467-63-4494 DSN Fax: 315-264-4494

Public Works Department Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3351 DSN: 315-264-3351 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3146 DSN FAX: 315-264-3146

Strike Fighter Squadron 102 Contact Information: Officer in Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3649 DSN: 315-264-3649 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3607 DSN FAX: 315-264-3607

Strike Fighter Squadron 115 Contact Information: Admin COMM: 011-81-467-63-4830 DSN: 315-264-4830 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-3495 DSN FAX: 315-264-3495

Strike Fighter Squadron 195 Contact Information: Admin COMM: 011-81-467-63-4611 DSN: 315-264-4611 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-4610 DSN FAX: 315-264-4610

Strike Fighter Squadron 27 Contact Information: Admin COMM: 011-81-467-63-3296 DSN: 315-264-3296 COMM FAX: 011-81-467-63-4385 DSN FAX: 315-264-4385

VRC-30 Contact Information: Officer In Charge COMM: 011-81-467-63-3369 DSN: 315-264-3369



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