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Moon Beach Club

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Moon Beach Club offers a holiday as exotic as its name, sited as it is on the shores of the Red Sea in South Sinai. The clear waters of the Red sea offer the best possible range of water sports. Facilities will include a bar, a restaurant, lounge, and tennis. Other activities to be enjoyed include camel riding. Located 21 miles from the nearest town of Ras Sudr, a car is essential if you wish to travel around the area.

Resort Amenities

  • Laundry facilities¬†(Onsite)
  • Medical facility¬†(Offsite¬†25¬†Miles)
  • Multilingual staff¬†(Yes)


  • (Swimming) beach¬†(Onsite)
  • Beach¬†(Onsite)
  • Beach facilities¬†(Onsite)
  • Boating¬†(Onsite)
  • Fishing¬†(Offsite)
  • Playground¬†(Onsite)
  • Tennis¬†(Onsite)
  • Windsurfing¬†(Onsite)

Other Information:

  • Fees or deposits are charged for some amenities.
  • Fees charged for some utilities.

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