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MCRD San Diego Business Performance Office

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1600 Henderson Ave. Bldg 31, Ste 208 San Diego, CA 92140

The Business Performance Office performs a number of mission essential tasks in the support of command level action taskers, and initiatives from higher authority which relate to business practices. These Mission Essential Tasks include: Strategic Sourcing which is the process of reviewing an organization’s functions to determine how related functions should best be organized or eliminated to achieve the maximum benefit, Inherently Governmental Commercial Activities Inventory which is a process of reviewing an organizations manning to determine if these positions are inherently governmental or if they could be performed by a commercial activity, Functionality Assessments and Business Process Reengineering which has a goal of appreciably reducing infrastructure costs through a systematic analysis and redesign of processes, Activity Based Management (ABM) which is a systematic method of planning, controlling and improving labor and overhead costs, Marine Corps Productivity Investment Account (MCPIA) which is a program to provide modest execution year funds for advancing promising new business process improvement programs, and the Interactive Customer Evaluation and Surveys Program (ICE) which is a web based program where customers can provide real-time feedback to a service provider that they have recently visited.

Source: https://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=service_provider_info&sp=97472&s=338&sc=1&dep=DoD&card=1

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