We are here to serve the patients residing at the Medical Treatment Detachment, inpatients of which are able to leave their wards for periods of time and LRMC staff.


We have several phones in which to call loved ones around the world, as well as DSN phones to stay connected with units and squadrons. We also have eight computers, all fitted with Skype capabilities to afford our patrons the ability to contact home.

Within the center, patrons are also able to use their own laptops and devices via our wireless Internet service. We have a gaming room dedicated to Xbox 360 playing, which is also the host to our Pros Vs Joes events during the NFL season. These events are where service members get the opportunity to play Call of Duty online against members of various NFL teams.

The center has a multi-purpose room, in which United Through Reading can be executed. Also many patrons have taken college classes, held interviews and had meetings within this room. We also have an assortment of musical instruments for service members to use during their time at the center.

We are open 1000-2300 Monday through Friday and 1300-2300 on weekends.

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Building 3750