This center serves the LRMC military community primarily as a Point-of-Sale Service Center for USO tour sales and gift shop merchandise and crafts and provides extensive community information. In addition to providing a unique gift store with items specific to the needs of hospital patients and visitors, this center provides basic USO amenities. It has a small lounge that offers an opportunity for rest and relaxation to a few persons at a time. This center provides the backdrop for our recognition of outstanding medical staff at LRMC as well as for our unit support activities. The center recognizes the staff at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) by providing monthly tour vouchers to their “Employee of the Month” and it recognizes the Navy Reserves’ “Employee of the Week” by providing a $200 USO Tour voucher every week. It assists the LRMC Annual Ball fundraising effort by donating a hand-made USO gift basket full of wonderful gifts.


The USO consists of a small lounge, a TV room, and a sales office, and the center provides the amenities and comforts of home to patients, visiting family members, and medical staff to include the following:

One small, wall-mounted, 19-inch CRT television for local real-time programs
One small Walt Disney television for children’s DVDs
DVD player and DVD movie library
Playing cards and games
Books, magazines, newspapers
Free toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap, shampoo, razors, shaving cream
Diapers, baby wipes and baby lotion
Two sofas, one large leather chair
Coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, cookies, crackers and chips, chewing gum
One table phone for local area access and AT&T operator access
Operation Phone Home: the USO provides complimentary AT&T phone cards when requested by patients

Monday-Friday: 0830-1600
Closed on weekends, federal holidays and USAREUR training holidays

The LRMC USO center is located between building 3775 and 3776 at LRMC, just outside of the dining facility.