Intelligence specialist

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Intelligence specialist
Rating Badge IS.jpg
Rating insignia
Issued by: United States Navy
Type Enlisted rating
Abbreviation IS
Specialty Technical

Intelligence specialist (IS) is a US Navy enlisted rating or job specialty. The intelligence specialist rating was established in 1975 by combining the photo intelligenceman (PT) rating (had been established 1957) and parts of the yeoman (YN) rating. As of June 2005, there are a few more than 2000 enlisted intelligence specialists in the US Navy.

The United States Navy classifies its enlisted personnel with a system of rating (job speciality) and rate (military rank). For example, an intelligence specialist first class would be IS1; the IS indicates the rating (intelligence specialist) while the 1 indicates the rate (first class petty officer). Naval enlisted sailors are referred to casually by their rating. For example, Intelligence Specialist First Class John Smith would casually be referred to as “IS1” (said: “I, S, one”). U.S. Navy officers do not have ratings.

General description

Military information, particularly classified information about enemies or potential enemies, is called “intelligence“. Intelligence specialists analyze intelligence data. They break down information to determine its usefulness in military planning. From this intelligence data, they prepare materials that describe in detail the features of strategic and tactical areas all over the world.


The duties performed by ISs include: analyzing intelligence information; identifying and producing intelligence from raw information; assembling and analyzing multi-source operational intelligence; preparing and presenting intelligence briefings; preparing planning materials for photographic reconnaissance missions; analyzing the results; preparing reports; preparing graphics, overlays and photo/map composites; plotting imagery data using maps and charts; providing input to and receive data from computerized intelligence systems ashore and afloat; maintaining intelligence databases, libraries and files.

Work place

Intelligence specialists serve in a variety of different jobs all over the globe. Some common places to find ISs are on aircraft carriers, guided missile cruisers, various amphibious ships, aircraft squadrons, and shore installations.