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Information, Referral, & Relocation- Camp Pendleton

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Geographical Address

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Public Address
C st, Bldg 13150, Camp Pendleton, CA 92058
Postal Code

Contact Info

(760)725-6090/5704 | (760) 277-4643 cell
Operating Hours
Mon–Fri 7:30am–5pm Sat/Sun Closed

Information, Referral, & Relocation

 BLDG 13150 Mainside Marine & Family Programs HQ  (760)725-6090/5704 | (760) 277-4643 cell  Contact Via Email (Primary)  Contact Via Email (Secondary)

Your safety is our top priority. Please review our current policies:
  • Virtual training is available upon request
  • A limited number of seats for in-person classes
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Welcome Aboard Brief is conducted by the unit at this time, contact your command for additional information
  • Online registration for all open classes will reflect current class size capability

For the most up to date information on facility closures/program changes and updates, visit mccscp.com/impact.

I&R/Relocation Services, Family Member Employment Assistance, Personal Financial Management, Career Services, TRICARE Health & Dental, and more base and local agencies will be available to welcome you with information on your new location!

Camp Pendleton is located 42 miles north of the San Diego International Airport (SAN), and 82 miles south of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Surrounded by beautiful beach cities like Oceanside, San Clemente, Fallbrook, and others, there is much to see, do, and explore in the area.

Please review these helpful links while you settle in on-base and schedule your Welcome Aboard Brief.

Workshops / Classes

Welcome AboardPlan


Relocating to Southern California and we have current information on Camp Pendleton’s commands, resources, and available support in the surrounding communities.

Visit our Welcome Aboard Eventbrite to sign up for our workshops.

Welcome Aboard Brief with Camp Pendleton Base Theater from 8-11 am Twice Monthly, Class is limited to 128. Spouses and Family members are encouraged to attend!


Questions? Call  (760) 725-6090/5704

Current unit schedule for the Welcome Aboard Brief:

ESB Oct 21-7th
ESB/CLB-13 Oct 29-7th
CLB-1 Nov 02
CLR-17 Nov 13
CLB-5 Nov 18
Supply Bn Nov 23
CLB-11/CLB-13 Dec 02
Med Bn Dec 09
Supply Bn Dec 16

Open dates to any participant, sign in thru Eventbrite:

Dec 21 Dec 28
Jan 5 Jan 28
Feb 3 Feb 17
Mar 24 Apr 14

Plan My Move

Let the EXPERTS answer questions you have concerning your move! Spouses and family members are encouraged to attend! Representatives from the following agencies will be available:

  • I&R/Relocation Services
  • DMO
  • Disbursing
  • IPAC
  1. Virtual training is available upon request
  2. A limited number of seats for in-person classes
  3. Check-in/Check-out
  4. Welcome Aboard Brief maximum capacity 10
  5. Online registration for all open classes will reflect current class size capability
  • School Liaison Office
  • EFMP
  • Naval Hospital Overseas Screening

2020 Marine Corps Plan My Move to Camp Pendleton Training at Bldg 13150 from 8-11 am Register

Marine Corps Sponsorship Coordinator Training

This course will provide personnel designated as the Sponsorship Coordinator (USC) or Senior Enlisted Advisor with the necessary tools and resources to train sponsors within the command to assist in transferring service and family members. This course will provide attendees with a checklist of sponsorship duties, sponsorship forms and questionnaires, and up to date information regarding local resources required in MCO 1320.11G.

2020 Marine Corps Sponsorship Coordinator Training on Camp Pendleton Training at Bldg 13150 from 8-10:30 am Questions? Call  (760) 725-6090/5704


Separating, Retiring or PCS Orders

Marines, Sailors, Service-members, and families that are either separating from the service, retiring, or have been issued PCS orders to be executed once the “Stop Movement Order” is rescinded can contact the Relocation Office for one-on-one counseling on their relocation plans. To schedule an appointment please call  (760) 725-5704 or text/call (760) 277-4643.

Additional Info

Do You Need A Sponsor?

Sponsors provide assistance to service members and their families during a relocation under PCS assignments to reduce the stress and challenges associated with relocating. Sponsors assist with, airport transportation and getting acclimated with the member’s unit, base, and the surrounding community. Youth Sponsorship Programs are available for young children and teenagers. For more information on sponsors see MCO 1320.11G. If you have questions on how to obtain a sponsor speak with your current command or you can call  (760) 725-5704/6090.

Exceptional Family Member Program

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), Camp Pendleton assists families in managing the dual demands of the military and the special needs of a family member. An Exceptional Family Member (EFM) is a family member that is enrolled in DEERS and residing with the sponsor who may require special medical or educational services based on a diagnosed physical, intellectual, or emotional need. For more information call  (760) 725-5363 or visit the EFMP online.


Camp Pendleton’s Naval Hospital is a new four-story, 500,000 square foot medical treatment facility located near the main gate of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. The hospital provides outpatient and inpatient care for active-duty service members, their family members, retirees, and other eligible beneficiaries. For more information call  (760) 725-1288/1289/1290 or visit Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton online.

Housing Information

Camp Pendleton currently has 20 housing areas on the base that are managed by Lincoln Military Housing. The base housing waitlist varies. You can also receive assistance with off-base housing options. Please contact Lincoln Military Housing by phone at  (760) 430-5000 or online. When calling you will be prompted to give your contact information and an associate will return your call to discuss your specific needs.

Single Marine Program

The Single Marine Program offers wholesome fun with fellow Marines. The program conducts great outings to various areas to boost morale and camaraderie. Marines can also participate in volunteer programs in the local communities. For more information call  (760) 725-6722 or visit the SMP online.


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