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Human Performance- Camp Pendleton

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1110 13th St Oceanside, CA 92058 USA
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(760) 763-3793
Operating Hours
Tuesday 5am–8pm Wednesday 5am–8pm Thursday (Christmas Eve) 5am–8pm Hours might differ Friday (Christmas Day) Closed Holiday opening hours Saturday 8am–3pm Sunday 8am–3pm Monday 5am–6pm

Semper Fit Human Performance employs subject matter experts to provide resources that support force readiness, resiliency, and optimized performance to active duty Marines, Sailors, and their families.

The Human Performance team are degreed professionals who provide various assessments like resting metabolic rate, VO2 Max, and body fat. Classes offered include performance nutrition and weight management, injury prevention, tobacco cessation, sleep hygiene, sexual health and responsibility, and chronic disease prevention.

Paige Field House

1110 13th St Oceanside, CA 92058 USA

Call : (760) 763-3793 

53 Area Fitness Center

Camp Pendleton North, CA 92055

Call: (760) 763-0419

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The following services are available to all authorized patrons free-of-charge:

  • Performance Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Injury Prevention
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Sexual Health and Responsibility
  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Unit Briefs
  • Special Events and Family Days
  • Body fat
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Measurements
  • VO2 Max Assessment

Human Performance Policies

Marine Corps Order P1700.29 identifies required elements of health in which every Marine is required to receive annual training:

In addition, Marines are required to get two hours of annual training in the following:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • Disease Prevention


Semper Fit Human Performance offers various assessments aiding athletes in improved performance, goal tracking, and proper fueling. Assessments include resting metabolic rate measurements (RMR), VO2 max assessment, skin-fold body fat measurement, blood pressure screening, and cholesterol screening (TC and HDL). Assessments and counseling (nutrition, fitness, tobacco, and sleep) are offered by appointment only. Contact the Human Performance team for more information.

Resting metabolic rate measurements are available at the following locations:

Must abstain from food and beverages, exercise, caffeine, supplements, and tobacco 4-hours prior to measurement. Consuming water is acceptable and encouraged.

VO2 max assessments are available at the following locations:

Please avoid strenuous activity one day prior and leading up to measurement. Partaking in the assessment on a fast is not encouraged and could result in poor performance. Patrons will be required to complete a health risk assessment and informed consent prior to assessment.

Body Fat Measurements
    • can be performed at any of the fitness centers
    • are for personal interest only and will not override MCO taping standards
    • Please avoid exercise prior to measurement
Blood Pressure Screening
is available in the lobby of:

  • 33 Area Fitness Center
  • 43 Area Fitness Center
  • 62 Area Fitness Center
  • 62 Area SMP
Cholesterol Screening
is only available at Paige Field House Human Performance Office.


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