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Sterling Dr Brooklyn, NY 11209

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Phone Telephone Access (Operator): 718-630-4101 / Visitor Control Center (VCC): 718-630-4848 or (DSN) 312-232-4101 / VCC 312-232-4848

Location: Historic Fort Hamilton is located in the southwestern corner of Brooklyn, New York, surrounded by the communities of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst, which places us in the middle of the New York City Metropolitan area. Fort Hamilton houses the U.S. Army NYC Recruiting Battalion; N.Y. Military Entrance Processing Station; and North Atlantic Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Fort Hamilton homepage.

Cost of Living: Compare to the rest of the country, Brooklyn, NY (zip 11209)'s cost of living is 185.5%, approximately 86% Higher than the U.S average.

Base Operator: 718-630-4101 or DSN 312-232-4101

Population: Fort Hamilton is a combined community comprised of active duty Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Reserve Components.

262 Active Duty 424 Family Members 925 Civilians 718 National Guard and Reserve Area Population: Brooklyn is New York City's most populous borough, with 2.5 million residents, and the second largest in the area, after Manhattan.

Child Development Centers: Fort Hamilton Child Development Center Serves children, 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

Schools: None on post. The New York City Department of Education is the largest public school system in the United States. With the assistance of the Fort Hamilton School Liaison Office, you will be able to find the right school for your children. Fort Hamilton is located in District 20, Brooklyn.

Please visit the School Information page of the Fort Hamilton website for a list of closest schools in proximity to Fort Hamilton.

Youth Services: Please contact Youth Services at 718-630-4123/4518 and the Teen Council for more information on activities and events intended for teens only.

Army Community Service: ACS 718-630-4457/4754

Housing: Almost 100% of military personnel assigned to the New York City area live on Fort Hamilton. 212 newly constructed homes and 37 newly renovated homes. There are also six newly renovated historic homes.

Married military personnel should call Balfour Beatty Communities at 718-630-4697 for information about on-post family quarters or referrals for off-post quarters. The Balfour Beatty Communities offers a detailed overview of family housing at Fort Hamilton.

Employment: If you want to work on or near Fort Hamilton, there are jobs available, but the variety is very limited. Employment in the area is mostly service, retail and telemarketing. The unemployment rate is 8.90% and the median household income in the Fort Hamilton area is $44,518.

Base Services:

MWR Facilities: Recreation at Fort Hamilton-Brooklyn,NY includes a historic Community Club, Bowling Center, Fitness Center, and one outdoor pool. Commissaries - 1 large size commissary, 718-630-4960 Exchange System - 1 exchange, 1 mall and one shoppette, 718-748-3440 Medical Services: TRICARE information, call 1-877-874-2273.

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Defense Service Network (DSN) Dialing Instructions

The DSN is the provider of long-distance communications service for the Department of Defense (DoD). Every installation has a special DSN number and the numbers vary by world-wide location. In order to place a call using DSN, the caller must be using a military phone on an installation. Cell phones cannot dial DSN numbers. When dialing a DSN number from a United States installation to another United States installation, it is unnecessary to dial the DSN 312 area code. When dialing a DSN number to/from overseas locations, the DSN area code must be included. The operator can be reached at commercial (719) 567-1110. Please note that long distance charges may be incurred.



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