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Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) - Fort Hood

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EFMP Logo in Texas, Fort Hood
EFMP Training in Texas, Fort Hood
EFMP Staff in Texas, Fort Hood

Installation Listings

Installation Listing Category

Geographical Address

Duty Station (or best approximation)
Public Address
Darnall Loop Bldg. 36000, 2nd Floor Fort Hood 76544

Contact Info

+1 (254)287-6070
Operating Hours
Facility closed to walk-ins, customer assistance provided telephonically and via email. Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Adjusted Operations

Army Community Service Facility Closed - Telephonic/Email assistance
Reporting Domestic Violence or Child Abuse 24/7 Hotline +1 (254)287-2273 or 254-287-CARE
Victims of Domestic Violence 24/7 Hotline +1 (254)702-4953
Community Information/Plans and Operations +1 (254)287-2214
Employment & Volunteer Services +1 (254)287-6067
Exceptional Family Member Program +1 (254)286-6584
Family Advocacy Program +1(254)287-2031
Financial Readiness Program +1(254)287-8500
Mobilization & Deployment Readiness +1(254)287-0348
Survivor Outreach Services +1(254)553-2464
Soldier & Family Assistance Center (SFAC) +1(254)287-9593

Exceptional Family Member Program Logo


The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) provides comprehensive support to family members with special needs. EFMP takes an all-inclusive approach to coordinate military and civilian community, educational, medical, housing, and personnel services to help Soldiers and their Families with special needs.

An Exceptional Family Member is a Family member with any physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disorder that requires special treatment, therapy, education, training, or counseling, and meets the eligibility criteria.

Soldiers* with Exceptional Family Members are required to register for EFMP and keep enrollment information current. This way, Family needs will be considered during the OCONUS assignments process.

If you’re eligible for EFMP services, Family members must be screened and enrolled when they accompany authorized Soldiers on OCONUS assignments. Screenings include medical records review for all Family members and developmental screening for all children aged 72 months and younger.

For more information about EFMP, contact the EFMP point of contact through your nearest Army medical treatment facility.

*Who must enroll in the program?

(1) Active Army

(2) U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Soldiers in the Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program

(3) Army National Guard (ARNG) AGR personnel serving under the authority of 10 USC and 32 USC.

Department of Army civilian employees do not enroll in the program.

You must identify dependent children with special education and medically related service needs and, Family members with medical needs each time they process for an assignment to a location outside the United States, where Family member travel is authorized at government expense.


SNAP evaluates health, developmental, physical, social, emotional, learning, and behavioral issues that may affect your child. We are here to help decide placement for your child, youth or teen in Child and Youth Services (CYS) programs. However, it is SNAP’s philosophy and goal, when reasonable, to honor personal choices for childcare, school age services and youth services, as well as participation in recreational activities for children.

As a parent, you are a vital member of this team. Your participation is strongly encouraged and valued. The SNAP can be of greater assistance when provided with a brief history, outline of current symptoms/concerns, and actions taken (rescue medicine, etc.).

During the initial enrollment or re-registration, parents will complete the SNAP Screening Form, which will be reviewed by the Army Public Health Nurse (APHN). In some cases, the Medical Action Plan (MAP) will be provided for completion by the child’s doctor, stating the diagnosis and modifications that need to be made. The MAP will be reviewed by the APHN and forwarded to EFMP staff, who will then contact parents for a SNAP appointment. All pertaining forms; Army Child and Youth Services Health Screening Tool 1,  Medical Action Plans—Allergy, Asthma, Diabetes or Seizure and Special Diet Statement can be accessed through the  WebTrac system.

A SNAP appointment is required for placement in appropriate CYS programs and will be reviewed individually.

System Navigation

We are here to navigate Families through the available systems of care. System Navigators will:

  • Identify your EFM and Family strengths and needs.
  • Help identify and prioritize your EFM and Family goals.
  • Assist Soldiers with Compassionate Reassignments and other military-related services.
  • Develop a Family Service Plan to reach your goals.
  • Make referrals to required services and provide follow up assistance.
  • Coordinate housing for military personnel with specialty needs.
  • Provide information about disabilities or medical conditions of concern and entitlements from both local and State to include Medicaid, Medicaid Waivers, and Social Security/Disability.
  • Identify support groups, social and other community support agencies that provide recreational activities for military children with special needs.
  • Strengthen your ability to advocate for your EFM.
  • Help prepare Families for Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) meetings and 504 meetings.
  • Help Families organize their paperwork for meetings.
  • Attend ARD meetings and 504 meetings, upon parent request.
  • Maintain partnerships with Child & Youth Services School Liaison Officers and Independent School Districts.

Training and Support

EFMP Orientation

Call and schedule your orientation today.

This training provides information for newly arrived or newly enrolled Soldiers with Exceptional Family Members. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 10 - 11:30 a.m., we provide an Orientation for Soldiers with Exceptional Family Members. Come out and learn more about community resources (on and off post), information and referral, advocacy, and programs available for Families with special needs.

Programs / agencies that provide information are:

Held at: Shoemaker Center Darnall Loop, Bldg. 36000, 2nd Floor

Family and MWR's Army Community Service (ACS) and Child and Youth Services (CYS), Killeen Independent School District, Copperas Cove Independent School District, TRICARE, Military Life Counselors (MFLC), Children's Special Needs Network (CSNN) and more

EFMP Support Group

Call and register today. +1 (254)287-6070

Join us to connect with resources, knowledge, and one another. People with disabilities can benefit from connecting socially with one another, especially when they can find a common ground with someone else who lives with their specific disability.

Respite Care

EFMP respite care is a program that provides a temporary rest period for Family members responsible for regular care of persons with disabilities. Care may be provided in the EFMP respite care user’s home or other settings such as special needs camps and enrichment programs. It is time limited based on the exceptional Family member’s (EFM) medical condition and availability of funding. EFMP respite care is not an entitlement or a guaranteed benefit.

Interested in Becoming a Provider

 Forms and Documents

Partner Agencies

Texas Parent to Parent

Sharing! Networking! Encouragement! Would you like to be able to help support another Family with similar special needs? Parent-to-Parent support is essential for parents of children with special needs. Results are...parents don’t feel quite as isolated or lonely because they know they are not alone. Peer support is the best way to assist a Family on the journey of raising a child with special needs.

Big Brother, Big Sister Program

This program assists children nationwide in need of positive role models. Big Brothers Big Sisters has local agencies across the country. Whether you’re interested in volunteering or enrolling a child, your involvement can start something truly amazing. After all, a positive impact creates a ripple effect of potential—in a child and the community. Each time Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs a child with a role model, we start something incredible: a one-to-one relationship built on trust and friendship that can blossom into a future of unlimited potential.

The Children’s Special Needs Network (CSNN)

This is a non-profit organization based in Belton, Texas that assists families and professionals in providing services for children in Central Texas who are diagnosed with physical or psychological special needs. CSNN provides a wide range of direct services and connects families with medical, educational, and social service resources in their communities. It also serves as a conduit, advocating on behalf of children in need and calling on churches, health care providers, schools, and others to rally around some of the neediest members of our Central Texas communities. To follow CSNN on Facebook click Here!

Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)

ECI helps infants and toddlers, from birth to 3 years old, with disabilities or delays in their development. ECI supports families through education and family services to help their children reach their potential.

Killeen Special Education Department

Supports the mission of the Killeen Independent School District and the goals of the Education Services Department by identifying students with disabilities and providing them an equal opportunity for a free and appropriate education. For more information click Here! Look across the top to Departments, then look down the left hand side of the page for Special Education.

Copperas Cove Special Education Department

Copperas Cove ISD provides a continuum of specially-designed instructional services for all eligible students with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 21.

Cultural and Recreation Activities

The EFMP "Sea Dragons" Program" is a special needs swim program that is open to the entire Family. Families meet at Abrams Physical Fitness Center Pool in Bldg. 23001 on 62nd Street every Friday from 6-8 p.m.. Parents are required to remain on-site during the entire program. Contact us for registration.

We are also a proud host of the Special Olympics Texas. We have an ongoing search for athletes and coaches for all the events. No experience necessary, so join us and be a part of the Special Olympics Texas and feel proud about your involvement in the movement that is changing lives!

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