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1470 Foote Street BLDG 589 Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 96857 United States

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(808) 655-1130
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Wednesday - Friday: 11:00am-6:00pm Tropics Recreation Center

The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) program is a Morale, Welfare, and Recreation program for Single Soldiers. The BOSS Council organizes and conducts activities that include trips to the beach, community service projects, and off-post entertainment.

Meetings are held monthly at Tropics Recreation Center on Schofield Barracks. The BOSS program also participates in installation special events as well as local community happenings such as the Survivor Family Access events and Make A Difference Day.

BOSS Mission

Mission Statement:

  • To support the overall quality of life (QOL) for single and unaccompanied Soldiers
  • Encourages and assists Soldiers in identifying, planning, organizing and conducting leisure and recreational activities of their preference
  • Provides an opportunity for Soldiers to participate in and contribute to local communities
  • Identifies issues and provides mechanism to recommend improvements through Chain of Command

The Three Pillars of BOSS

I. Leisure and Recreation

This pillar focuses on meeting Soldiers’ leisure and recreational needs. As such, suggestions and ideas are solicited from the single Soldiers' representatives of Fort Drum at our monthly meetings. These events are coordinated with BOSS, the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Outdoor Recreation, and many outside organizations. Leisure and Recreational activities are designed to provide an alternative, opportunities on/ off the post for Soldiers to get out of the barracks.

II. Community Service

BOSS helps to promote Soldiers' participation in many community service activities at Fort Drum and in the surrounding communities. It provides a Soldier the chance to meet new people and grow as an individual. Soldiers are exposed to new people, ideas and learn new skills. Volunteering is good as it gives Soldiers a sense of involvement and achievement, beyond their day-to-day activities.

III. Quality of Life

This third pillar of BOSS targets enhancing single Soldiers’ morale, living environment, and personal growth and development. Depending on the issue at hand, it will be handled by the Soldiers’ chain of command. However, the yearly Fort Drum BOSS Conference has developed sessions where Soldier issues can be brought forward and solved. The Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) plays an important role in the betterment of the quality of life for Army personnel. Issues and ideas are always accepted and reviewed through the Army Community Service AFAP program. To submit an issue fill out DA Form 7380 and turn it in to one of the BOSS facilities.


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