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Air Assault Auto Skills Center - Fort Campbell

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Air Assault Auto Banner in Kentucky, Fort Campbell
Air Assault Group in Kentucky, Fort Campbell
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5300 Airborne St, Fort Campbell, KY 42223, United States

Contact Info

+1 (270)956-1101 | +1 (270)956-1100
Operating Hours
Monday 12:30pm-7:30pm Tuesday 12:30pm-7:30pm Wednesday Closed Thursday Closed Friday Closed Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Federal Holiday Closed

Air Assault Auto Skill Center

Air Assault Auto Skills Center offers alignments.

If you have any questions about Automotive Classes or if you would like to schedule a class for your SFRG meetings call us at +1 (270)956-3408 for details.

+1 (270)956-1101 +1 (270)956-1100 Monday & Tuesday, 12:30pm to 7:30pm

If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and you have a passion for repairing vehicles yourself or you are a novice and just want to learn, we have two Auto Skills Centers available to meet your needs. You can do-it-yourself with the help of our dedicated training instructors to guide and teach you.  No question is too large or too small for our instructors!

We have flat bays and lift bays available. We also carry specialty tools. You can perform repairs like oil change, rotate & balance tires, conduct engine work, AC repairs, coolant system services, etc. In addition, both shops provide short term storage so you will have time to perform your repairs.

Storage Lots

+1 (270)956-1611 Monday - Friday, 8am to 3:30pm

Our storage lot is for your personal vehicles, campers, boats, motorcycles, etc... Storage spaces are available beginning at 12' in length and up to 50' in length. The lot is located inside Gate 7 on Glider road and is secured with an electronic gate and each person is issued a unique PIN. You must visit our office to register your vehicle prior to taking it to the storage lot.

Towing Department

Our Towing Department can tow whatever you need to be moved to wherever you need it. (up to 26,000 lbs) Large items/items other than cars and trucks such as buildings, campers, boats, etc...  will have additional tow fees determined by weight and size. Please call for additional weight and size limitation information.

Periodically, we hold an auction for abandoned vehicles.  Watch for announcements!

Wreck and Impound Department

+1 (270)956-1611 Monday - Friday, 8am to 4pm

Towing (Any Type)

+1 (270)956-1611 Monday - Friday, 8am to 4:30pm

After-Hours Towing - Available 24/7

+1 (931)980-3262

U Buy U Sell

U-Buy/U-Sell service lot is for the buying and selling of personal vehicles, campers, boats, motorcycles, etc...

+1 (270)956-1611 Monday - Friday, 8am to 3:30pm

Visit the U Buy U Sell Page

North Auto Skills Center

+1 (270)798-5612 6548 58th Street & Tennessee Avenue

Visit the North Auto Skill Center Page


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