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Army Family Team Building- Yuma Proving Ground

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301 C Street Bldg. 309 Yuma 85365
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Monday 6:30am-5:00pm Tuesday 6:30am-5:00pm Wednesday 6:30am-5:00pm Thursday 6:30pm-5:00pm Friday Closed Saturday Closed Sunday Closed

Army Family Team Building (AFTB)

AFTB contributes to readiness, performance, retention, and recruitment, all vital to the Army's mission.  The AFTB program trains Active Duty Families to become a combat multiplier and enhance the overall readiness of the force.  An informed, empowered Family allows the Service Member to concentrate efforts and focus on the mission of defending our nation.  The Service Member is able to feel confident and secure that his or her family is better prepared for the challenges of mobilization.  After AFTB training, Families can do more to help themselves, the command can focus on its mission while assuring Family members that the military support will be there.  Command support of the program is vital to its success. Volunteer opportunities are available!

AFTB Level Overview •Military Knowledge (K) Level:  A two-day workshop that allows participants to learn about Army life and how to maneuver through daily challenges by discovering how to decipher Army acronyms, utilize community resources, acquire personal resiliency concepts and understand the goal and impact of the Army mission.

K Level Table of Contents K2 Military Terms & Acronyms

Personal Growth & Resiliency (G) Level:  A three-day workshop that will improve the attendee’s personal skills and relationships through courses in leadership, management, and communication.

G Level Table of Contents

Leadership Development (L) Level: A three day workshop for individuals who are or will be responsible for coaching, mentoring, and advising others.  This training develops advanced leadership skills and enhances participant’s organizational skills.

L Level Table of Contents

AFTB Instructor training Course:  Take your AFTB experience to the next level by attending a three-day “train the trainer” class.  This training will help you become a confident and effective speaker within a classroom setting, as well as, introduce you to the platform skills necessary to becoming an AFTB Instructor.

NOTE:  Training of specific modules is available.

You may take training at your convenience: Online Learning Management System

AFTB Minutes

AFTB Apps http://apps.fortgordon.com/ 

Yuma Proving Ground AFTB Program Manager POC Ms. Rosa Dayton Email - rosa.m.dayton.civ@mail.mil Phone - (928)328-2513/DSN 899-2513

Army Family Team Building

Army Family Team Building (AFTB) empowers you, through self-development and leadership skills, basic Army knowledge, and specialized training, to maximize your personal and professional potential. 

  • AFTB (Level I) Military Knowledge (K) Modules train basic information about the Army: You’ll learn about Army life and how to manage daily challenges by discovering how to decipher Army acronyms, use community resources, attain better financial readiness, and understand the goal and impact of the Army mission on daily life.
  • AFTB (Level II) Personal Growth and Resiliency (G) Modules train personal growth skills: Learn how to improve your personal relationships, communication, and stress-management skills. Discover how teams form and grow, how to solve problems, and how to resolve personal conflict. You’ll also learn about Army traditions, customs, courtesies, and protocol.
  • AFTB (Level III) Leadership Development (L) Modules train leadership skills: Thrive in the Army and civilian life by expanding leadership skills. You'll learn effective communication techniques and how to mentor others in leadership positions. You’ll understand the different leadership styles, how to run an effective meeting, manage group conflict, and how to be an effective coach.

AFTB improves personal and family preparedness. It enhances overall Army readiness and the ability of America’s Army to adapt to a changing world.

For more information, contact your Army Community Service Family Program office or Army OneSource.


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